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About the Artist

Vasu has been painting for last six years. She likes to paint representational and/or abstracted subjects from humanity and nature. She uses acrylic, oil or mixed media . She often creates several paintings in a series using a theme. Vasu uses photos from her travels or images that have been altered/ abstracted using different apps. She is a strong advocate for human rights, specially women’s. This passion inspired her to do a solo show depicting roles of women at various stages of life in different capacities.

She also likes to explore newer horizons using color, texture and their relationship by experimenting further using processes of glazing, sanding, adding and subtracting in the background and in the subject itself. More recently, she has started working in the abstract forms of figures as well as in general . Use of bright colors is one of her personal form of expression. She also uses mixed geometric forms to energize her art.

Vasu also enjoys writing poetry and literature. Her original profession of being a Pediatric Gastroenterologist shows through her advocacy for children. She donates paintings to many fundraisers for art, education, autism, abuse, Alzheimers disease and to institutions providing free medical care to the indigent population.

Vasu has won many awards in juried shows. Her works are in private collections.


  • Scarab Club
  • Anton Art Center
  • Detroit Artist Market
  • Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center (BBAC)
  • Birmingham Women Painters Society (BWSP)
  • Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors (DSWPS)
  • Manhattan Arts International
  • J Mane Gallery
  • Grosse Pointe Art Center
  • Northville Art Center
  • Alliance for Arts
  • Dearborn Society of Artists
  • Downriver Council for Arts

My Artwork for Lifestyle

Invited by Canadian gallery out of Montreal to use my artwork for their clothing and home goods line in Nov 2020. https://www.legaleriste.com/vasu.tolia

Artist of the Future

Award given by the Contemporary Art Curator Megazine in Nov 2020. https://www.contemporaryartcuratormagazine.com/artist-of-the-future-award/vasu-tolia





Painting – A penny for them – published on Page 55

ArtAscent V41 Portraits February 2020 – 
Painting ” She could have danced all night published on page 76 of the Dec issue of ArtAscent megazine Dec 2019 issue. https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1686560

2019 – https://www.rattle.com/ekphrastic/

Scarab Club Annual Book 2015-18
https://thelightekphrastic.com/…/ledford-tolia-november-20…/ The pairs of paintings and poems in Light Ekphrastic

Interview with Frank Beckmann Show - WJR Radio Detroit

A Poem from a friend – “Ode to an Artist”

On first looking at an Artist’s journey
An ode to Vasundhara and her virtuosity.

A view from an aperture
Agog with elation slipped in a rapture;
Exceeding a flying avian’s scan
My vision fulfilled in a brief span.

I came across a breathing being
Artful her creation, a living legend;
Divine her devotion, a dedication to healing
Of the soul and the soma, all encompassing .

In the bowels of the gut sought her glory;
With colors and shades, can paint a story.
In the tortuous tunnels, eyes the ills,
With gentle strokes brings alive the stills.

Parched canvas
With thirsty brushes
Soaked in oil
The drought she quenches.

Over the rest, holds an edge;
To a stricken stratum, offers her knowledge .
Generous is her suffusing shadow
Beguiling as in the arch of a chromatic rainbow.

Soul of science,
Beat of the art;
Bares to the seekers,
Deftly ,with her flair can impart.

It leaves me plunged,
Her proficiency in awe;
A mere glimpse of her work,
This weekend I saw.

That with you,
A rendezvous ;
A desire comes to fore
For this experience, to mirror in an encore.