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About the Artist

Vasundhara Tolia, called Vasu, is a Physician by profession. After retirement from her career as an academician and clinician in 2014, she reinvented her interest in art . She started to learning painting from 2012 and has now realized a longtime yearning to be an artist after reinventing new interests. She paints mainly in acrylic, mixed media and occasionally in graphite, and oils. She also self educates from books, online information and joining organizations. 

She is inspired by light and color and focusses to capture and reflect the diversity of nature as she visualizes it. More recently, she has started working in the abstract forms of figures as well as general abstraction. Use of bright colors is one of her personal form of expression. She also uses mixed abstract shapes and geometric forms to energize her art.

Vasu also enjoys writing poetry and literature. She has always been an advocate for children. She donates paintings for auction to several fundraisers for art, education, autism, abuse, Alzheimers disease and to institutions providing free medical care to the indigent population.


  • Scarab Club
  • Anton Art Center
  • Detroit Artist Market
  • Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center(BBAC)
  • Birmingham Women Painters Society (BWSP)
  • Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors (DSWPS)
  • Manhattan Arts International

Professional Profile as Artist

SOLO EXHIBITION: ‘A Woman’s Journey’ from July 12th to Aug 25th, 2017 at the Scarab Club, Detroit.

Art for Healing of spirit and body – 9 paintings selected for Exhibition for Beaumont Hospitals from Jan 18th to April 15th; and additional 7 paintings for Exhibition at Taylor Beaumont Hospital from April 15th till July 2017

SOLO EXHIBITION: September 26th 2015 at Padzieski Art Gallery – Ford Community & Performing Arts Center, Dearborn, MI, for Foundation Of Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Origin fundraising event.


1. Hold those horses, accepted into the top 12 for the show International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association 2019 Art Competition

2. Participant in the BSWP show at Suburban Showcase Center, Novi , August-Sept, 2018

3. Participant in the MOTHERHOOD 2018 show at the Anton Art Center, July-August 2018

4. Participant in the BSWP 2018 show at the Detroit Public Library, May 2018

5. Participant in the juried book “Year of Resistance 2017”

6. Participant in the juried student show at BBAC 2018- Jan 26th to March 1st,2018

7. Participant at Juried Blue show for Dec 2017 at http://www.colorsofhumanityartgallery.com/Blue-2017/Blue-2017/n-pGVZX6/i-mTB749L

8. Participant at Juried Gold Medal show of Scarab Club, Nov-Dec 2017

9. Participant at Juried holiday show of DAM, Nov-Dec 2017

10. Participant at Juried show On BWPS in Nov 2017

11. Participant at Juried show at the Livonia Fine Arts show, October 2017

12. Participant at Juried show of DSWPS at Starkwhether Gallery from Sept-Oct, 2017

13. First place winner in the 9th Annual Art Competition and Exhibit for Huron Valley Council for the Arts from Sept 5-30th, 2017

14. Participant in the Birmingham Community Center- Our Town show from Oct 19-22nd 2017

15. Semi-finalist at MI Great Artist Competition 2017

16. Participant in the ‘Botanicals” at http://www.colorsofhumanityartgallery.com/Botanicals2017/Botanicals-2017-Show/n-SfFxVB for August 2017

17. Participant in the ‘Yellow” theme competition for May 2017 http://www.colorsofhumanityartgallery.com/Yelow-2017/Yellow-2017-Show/n-ksgrnP

18. Participant in ‘Photography’ show at LSG, April,2017

19. Participant in the ‘Human Figure” theme competition at http://www.colorsofhumanityartgallery.com/Human-Nature-2017/Human-Nature-2017-Show/n-Wv6VQZ

20. Participant in the ‘Home” show of DSWPS at MOCAD gallery from Feb-May, 2017

21. Second place winner in ‘RED’ competition, Feb 2017, http://www.colorsofhumanityartgallery.com/Red-207/Red-2017-Show/n-8ZbfH2

22. Participant in ‘Body Eclectic’ show at LSG, Jan,2017

23. Participant in Gold Medal Show of Scarab Club, Dec 2016

24. Participant in the Exhibition of “Think Small” Dec 2016

25. Participant in Masquerade exhibition at the Loft Fine Art, Oct 22- Nov 12th, 2016

26. Participant in the Exhibition of “Metro Highlights Show” Oct 2016

27. Third Prize Winner in the Fall Exhibition of DSWPS at the Loft Fine Art, Oct 5 -19th 2016

28. Winner in Fashion Art Challenge of Dick Blick, Sept, 2016

29. Participant in show of BWPS at Anton Art Center, Sept 16th -Oct 14th 2016

30. Participant in Student Exhibition, Jan 22 -Feb 17th 2016 – Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center

31. Semi-finalist in MI Great Artist Competition, November 2015


Pensive – pictured in Scarab Club Annual Book 2017

The pairs of paintings and poems in Light Ekphrastic

She could have danced all night – pictured in Scarab Club Annual Book 2016

Ganesha, Ganesha everywhere – pictured in Scarab Club Annual Book 2015

Interview with Frank Beckmann Show - WJR Radio Detroit

A Poem from a friend – “Ode to an Artist”

On first looking at an Artist’s journey
An ode to Vasundhara and her virtuosity.

A view from an aperture
Agog with elation slipped in a rapture;
Exceeding a flying avian’s scan
My vision fulfilled in a brief span.

I came across a breathing being
Artful her creation, a living legend;
Divine her devotion, a dedication to healing
Of the soul and the soma, all encompassing .

In the bowels of the gut sought her glory;
With colors and shades, can paint a story.
In the tortuous tunnels, eyes the ills,
With gentle strokes brings alive the stills.

Parched canvas
With thirsty brushes
Soaked in oil
The drought she quenches.

Over the rest, holds an edge;
To a stricken stratum, offers her knowledge .
Generous is her suffusing shadow
Beguiling as in the arch of a chromatic rainbow.

Soul of science,
Beat of the art;
Bares to the seekers,
Deftly ,with her flair can impart.

It leaves me plunged,
Her proficiency in awe;
A mere glimpse of her work,
This weekend I saw.

That with you,
A rendezvous ;
A desire comes to fore
For this experience, to mirror in an encore.


Some comments from the exhibition on September 26, 2015

Dear Vasu,
Beautiful paintings.


Dear Vasu,
The paintings and the display I absolutely great and fantastic and it now gives me the visual pleasure of what we talked on the air on my radio show Geetmala, regarding your beautiful creation. All the best,

Narendra Sheth

So happy for you! Accept the talent you obviously have, you’re also gifted with a desire to paint! I wish US Bank you will paint much more!

Anatoliy Shapiro

Dear Vasu,
Congratulations! Beautiful paintings. Best wishes,

Bhimsen and Surekha Rao

Oh my god! Great paintings, amazing. Congrats,

Akshay and Asha

Dear Vasu,
Lovely, amazing work. A very beautiful collection. Very proud of our Michigan art-ist.

Jitu and Purnima Desai

Dear Vasu,
Your mastery with brush is amazing. You prove that you are from Tagore’s coun-try. I have no words to describe my pleasure of your art.

Usha Ram

Dear Vasu,
What a pleasant surprise! No words to describe our pleasure. Hope you continue this wonderful hobby. Very proud of you,

Pratima and Kirit Bakshi

Dear Vasu,
Great persuit, wonderful expressions. Keep the art flowing for years to come.

Sudhakar Rao